TermStar – Terminology Management

Effective terminology work with benefits for everyone

Clear and consistent nomenclature makes it easier for the reader to understand the text and is conducive to successful and consistent product communication. Simplify the work of authors and translators simultaneously. Terminology brings many benefits: It is the foundation that allows you to express the correct phrases with the correct words—in the source language as well as the target languages.

Terminology is not an end in itself: Even the best terminology serves little purpose if it remains isolated. Successful terminology management requires a work environment that links all participants and offers optimal support to every type of user: From the experienced linguistic expert to the occasional user who sporadically wants to look up a single word.

TermStar stand-alone: The soloist as a team player

You can use TermStar as a stand-alone solution for work that is purely terminological in nature. However, “stand-alone” does not mean isolated: Using numerous standard interfaces, you can exchange data with various upstream or downstream systems. Using plug-ins, you can use the terminology directly in Office and DTP applications.

TermStar, AMS, and TMS: Stronger as a team

TermStar is an integral part of the AMS (authoring memory system) MindReader and the TMS (translation memory system) Transit. TermStar helps authors and translators find the right words.
MindReader and Transit simultaneously support terminology work, for example, with convenient terminology extraction from the translation project or with dynamically generated usage examples from the translation memory.

Flexible integration and migration

Flexible data models, multiple database support, powerful import and export functions, and convenient terminology extraction: Because of these functions, TermStar is suitable for all terminological applications, databases, and IT landscapes. TermStar is ready for tomorrow's demands.
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Multilingual, multi-directional, versatile

TermStar supports over 200 working languages—and the number of supported languages is constantly increasing.
Therefore, you are prepared for every important market and can expand your future communication to languages and markets that have yet to become relevant to you.
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Your benefits as a company

  • Clear global communication thanks to consistent company wording
  • Company-wide terminology pool with numerous interfaces for terminology extraction, transfer, and use
  • Flexible adaptation to company-specific terminology needs

Your benefits as a terminologist

  • Efficient working environment thanks to an individually configurable user interface, views, and dictionary layout
  • Comprehensive data model with freely configurable data lists, entry verifications, and filter functions
  • Secure consolidation and merging of terminology databases thanks to complex import and synchronization functions

Your benefits as a translator

  • Term suggestions on the fly
  • Dynamic highlighting of disallowed terms
  • Morphological support for over 80 languages and language variants
  • Automatically generated usage examples with dynamic linking
  • Quick and immediately usable term additions and updates

Your benefits as an author

  • Higher-quality text as early as the writing process
  • Easily translatable writing with consistent wording and with no additional effort
  • Fast and accurate term search using supplementary information (definitions, item numbers, graphics, multimedia files, etc.)
  • Dynamic highlighting of disallowed terms and interactive corrective functions