Terminology management


Terminology management

Create clarity

Clear and consistent nomenclature makes it easier for the reader to understand the text and is conducive to successful product communication. Simplify the work of authors and translators simultaneously. Terminology brings many benefits: It is the foundation that allows you to express the correct phrases with the correct words – in the source language as well as the target languages.

As a successful terminology management system, TermStar is a work environment that links all participants and offers optimal support to every type of user: From the experienced linguistic expert to the occasional user.

Benefits at a glance

  • Clear global communication thanks to consistent company wording
  • Company-wide terminology pool
  • Numerous interfaces for terminology extraction, transfer, and use
  • Flexible adaptation to company-specific terminology processes
  • Support of ontologies (RDF Triples) for machine translation and AI applications (e.g. voice assistance, NLG, NLU)
  • Flexible licensing models (on-site, floating, time-limited, IaaS, SaaS)
  • Worldwide support organization (first-, second- and third-level)

For terminologists

  • Individually configurable user interface, views, and dictionary layouts
  • Comprehensive data model with freely configurable values lists, entry verifications, and filter functions
  • Simple integration of multimedia files
  • Secure consolidation and merging of terminology databases thanks to complex import and synchronization functions