WebTerm – Webbased Terminology

Terminology worldwide

Successful terminology is not restricted to a single location: To find and use the right words for each target market, all participants must be efficiently linked.

High-quality terminology requires robust terminology management, controlled validation processes, and convenient communication between those involved in the process.

So that the terminology is actually used, the users must be able to quickly, simply, and directly find what they are looking for — from the experienced linguistic expert to the occasional user who wants to sporadically look up a single word.

WebTerm as part of your infrastructure

For simple and easy use of terminology, WebTerm can be seamlessly integrated into your infrastructure.
Through single sign-on, integration into company-specific portals, and CI-adapted user interfaces, WebTerm becomes a part of your intranet- or internet service. You will not even have to register your employees again or make them get used to something new.

Efficiency through user feedback

The commenting functions enable users to quickly and easily make notes about existing or desired terminology. In addition to this feedback, terminologists can use detailed statistics about search queries, queried terms that were found, and queried terms that were not found.
This way, you can efficiently focus your terminology work on the areas that bring the most benefit to your users.

Worldwide terminology editing

Local experts can best determine the right words for the local market. Therefore, users with the corresponding authorization can conduct terminology work in WebTerm and have direct access to the central database through controlled terminology processes or online discussion forums.
The detailed role and authorization concept ensures that users can only access the areas they need to. This ensures that you maintain central control.

Benefit from terminology worldwide

Using WebTerm's sophisticated role concept and various interface layouts, you can provide users with the information needed for their tasks: For their area of expertise, for their language pairs, and with the relevant supplementary information.
In doing so, they quickly and easily find the relevant terminology—not too much and not too little, but just the right amount.

Your benefits as a company

  • Clear global communication thanks to consistent company wording
  • Company-wide terminology pool with global access for terminology editing and use
  • Controlled validation- and feedback processes for market feedback
  • Seamless integration into existing IT landscapes and company portals

Your benefits as a terminologist

  • Comprehensive data model with freely configurable data lists, entry verifications, and filter functions
  • Suggestion management with multi-level validation steps
  • Detailed usage statistics about terminology queries
  • The powerful terminology management system TermStar as the back-end system
  • Parallel support for multiple databases and database servers

Your benefits as a terminology user

  • Worldwide access to up-to-date and validated terminology at any time
  • Clearly arranged interface thanks to role-specific terminology databases, supplementary information, and language pairs
  • Direct access from Microsoft Word and Adobe FrameMaker
  • Asynchronous access without permanent internet connections using terminology packages through WebTerm Download

Your benefits as an administrator

  • Detailed role and authorization concept for reading and writing access
  • Easy integration into existing authentication and authorization mechanisms using single sign-on
  • Flexibility through a wide selection of supported server platforms, application servers, servlet engines, database servers and clients
  • Easy CI adaptation and integration into company-specific web portals