FormatChecker – Data Quality

Quality under the microscope

If the ideal formatting is used, then it is possible to process and reuse your data efficiently. Even small and seemingly inconspicuous formatting errors can have major effects in subsequent process steps, such as translation and DTP, wasting time and money.
Therefore, it is worthwhile to put documents' formatting quality under the microscope from the very beginning.

Your microscope for quality assurance

The FormatChecker is the microscope that shows you typical formatting errors.
You can use the FormatChecker interactively for revision and quality assessment of documents that have already been delivered.

Check interactively with the learning effect

During the interactive check, you are not only able to revise, but you can simultaneously learn how to optimize your formatting: The FormatChecker indicates the error locations, describes the errors, and optionally gives you additional explanations and improvement suggestions.

Assess quality with the complete check

The complete check analyzes your documents and provides you with an evaluation of your documents' formatting quality. Using this, you can immediately identify where there is untapped potential for optimizing your document formatting quality.

Errors differ from document to document

Universal “truth” does not exist in document formatting: An error that causes problems in one instance can actually be an intentional stylistic element in another instance.
Because of this, you can choose the exact check criteria in order to find the errors that are relevant to your current situation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Consistent and ideal formatting
  • Lasting improvement through the learning effect
  • Reduced translation and DTP costs
  • Calculable costs for subsequent process steps
  • Rapid quality assessment thanks to batch checks

For authors and technical editors

The FormatChecker indicates directly in Word or FrameMaker where there is formatting optimization potential and characters that could cause problems later. You can immediately revise those areas and take advantage of the long-lasting learning effect by reading additional tips for higher-quality formatting in future documents.

For translators and DTP experts

Using the FormatChecker, you can identify and correct problematic formatting in advance. In doing so, you significantly reduce the time spent on translation and DTP and avoid error multiplication in multiple target languages and subsequent projects.

For project managers

Using the FormatChecker, you can automatically check documents in batch mode and generate formatting-quality statistics. As early as the offer phase, you can estimate the costs of revision and DTP, which can be reduced through preliminary revision. You can then include this in your quotation.