STAR WebCheck – Online Translation Reviewing

Worldwide translation approval

The ability to approve translations quickly, easily, and locally is an important factor in ensuring speed and efficiency There is little time; the proofreader is not necessarily an experienced user of translation memory systems, and the local offices on the other side of the world need to be able to run checks.

STAR WebCheck is the ideal solution for meeting these requirements Editors, local representatives, or external employees can check and approve translations in their browser over the internet or intranet.

STAR WebCheck is user-friendly and has an easy-to-understand user interface. Therefore, experts who have no experience with translation technology can be included in the global approval process. Editors with the corresponding authorization can easily make revisions online—without losing time, without misunderstanding, and without multiple approval cycles between the initiation and implementation of a revision.

Navigation optimized for review with complete contexts

Navigation in STAR WebCheck is designed for review tasks, so you can concentrate on what is important: "Jump" to the relevant text segments using icons while maintaining a comprehensive overview the whole time.
This way, you can evaluate the translation faster and better because you know what context the segment is being used in.

Synchronized PDF page layout

Navigation is even easier with synchronized PDF display from STAR WebCheck: It displays the location of the active text automatically in the page layout. Alternatively, you can simply click on a location in the PDF and STAR WebCheck jumps to the corresponding text segment.
To ensure that you are always working with the most up-to-date PDFs, you can generate the target-language PDF page layout with a single click of the mouse.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Worldwide browser access via internet or intranet
  • Segment-specific commenting function for proofreaders and project managers
  • Fast access thanks to an intuitive user interface
  • Extensive tracking, complete segment history, and full transparency in Transit
  • Flexible configuration of rights and functions

For editors

With STAR WebCheck, you can check and approve translations in a straightforward manner. You can concentrate on what is important without losing sight of the context.
If you have authorization to make revisions, STAR WebCheck will show you just how convenient online editing can be.
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For project managers

STAR WebCheck provides you with additional resources for quality assurance and accelerates the approval process.
You can access feedback from STAR WebCheck users through Transit. You can check and approve the feedback and immediately use it for other tasks.

For companies

Using STAR WebCheck, you can ensure high-quality translation and use competent editors no matter where they are—for your area of expertise, in your target market, for your message.
You have the ability to decide who has what influence on the quality of your translation memory.