PRISMA for after-sales

Situational assistance improves the customer experience and makes work more enjoyable

  • Attractive information products: Assistance from user-friendly media through the simple and scalable production of visual, interactive, immersive information products (3D, animation, augmented/virtual reality, voice assistants, etc.)
  • Routine tasks done for you: Smart Content Services can automate routine tasks such as time/cost analyses, tailored planning of maintenance schedules and quotations for tools, spare parts, consumable materials, etc.
  • Faster, better, more enjoyable: The amount of help users receive depends on their level of experience – right through to remote assistance with augmented reality. Everyone from beginners to specialists can be more productive while minimising their mistakes, which makes working fun and improves job satisfaction.
  • Hassle-free reports and real-life feedback: Readings, reports, observations and feedback from the field are all recorded – including via voice assistants. Detailed information from real-life scenarios enhances and improves analyses of big data for after-sales.

Flexible and digitised customer services keep customers loyal

  • Always up to date: Fast, accurate, up-to-date information about products and processes from the central hub for all after-sales information.
  • Lower service costs: Service costs are reduced by the use of dynamically generated customised maintenance schedules that are tailored to the customer's demands and the product's configuration, deployment and use.
  • Faster repairs: Troubleshooting is made quicker and easier thanks to frequency-based diagnostics steps that speed up fault finding and rectification.
  • Accurate and traceable service history: The service history, service reports, observations, readings taken manually plus feedback from the field are all stored.
  • Quicker and easier after-sales for digitisation and IoT projects: Service-focused interface for interpretable product/process information and Smart Content Services.
  • Added value and extra profit: Through the provision of customer services that are more efficient, add value and save money.

A future-proof information supply guarantees safe investment

  • Future-proof without the hassle of migration: STAR's customers around the world have been successfully employing its AI-based information models for 20 years now. These models are optimally equipped for both present and future media, IT technologies and working methods – without the additional hassle of migration.
  • Compliance and corporate information governance: Unstructured "black box" data is turned into transparent, structured "white box" information that can be interpreted by man or machine. This provides the basis for compliance and sustainable corporate information governance.
  • Standards are supported and can be integrated: GRIPS is extremely easy to integrate into IT/industrial processes and it supports all relevant exchange and documentation standards such as DITA, ASD S1000D, iiRDS and many more.