Live Webinar: TM or MT? Translation Memory or Machine Translation? Both!

How do I use Transit for post editing machine translation?

Translation Memory (TMs) or Machine Translation (MT)? It's not an either-or decision, but rather a spectrum. The Transit translation memory system combines the advantages of both worlds: The quality of fuzzy matches from a validated translation memory with the efficiency of a trained MT engine.

In this webinar you will see how to use the proven Transit editor for projects with MT support and which functions you should be familiar with in order to get into post-editing.


We begin with the question: "What does it mean for you as a translator to receive a project with MT support?"

Then you will see how you will profit from the additional translation suggestions that, as TM-validated MT results, enable a new level of quality in machine translation.

Finally, we show you how you execute post editing in the familiar Transit Editor and achieve your quality assurance goals by maintaining control over MT segment translation quality.

Target audience

For translators and post-editors with Transit knowledge

This webinar is intended for participants who have experience with the Transit Editor.

If you are a translator or proofreader who wants to learn the post-editing functions of Transit, this webinar is right for you.

Dates and Times

  • 28 July, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. (UTC+2)
    Webinar in English
  • 30 July, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (UTC+2)
    Webinar in German

Register and participate

The webinar will take place online and is free of charge, although the number of participants is limited. To register, simply send an e-mail to

We use the TeamViewer webinar software. Once you have registered, you will receive the login details for accessing and participating in the webinar.