Pharma / Life Science

Information processes without risks and side effects

Pharma, life science and medical technology are among the most highly regulated and monitored industries in the world. Therefore, one of the key challenges is pushing new products through the necessary approval processes, such as those of the FDA, EDMEA and other agencies.
In addition to medical and clinical aspects, consistency in the submitted documentation plays a key role in the decision process: consistent content, wording and terminology in clinical studies, supporting documentation, R&D documents and other submissions prevent time-consuming and costly clarification requests and correction cycles, thus greatly reducing time to market.

Collaboration in harmony

Comprehensive author support ensures that all parties involved in the information authoring process use terms and phrases consistently, regardless of the tool they work with. GRIPS lets you harmonize all your communications, whether that includes approval-related documents in Word, a content management system for supporting documentation or your emails in Outlook.

Valid terminology

With a valid terminology system, process participants can find the right word or phrase from the start, thus avoiding costly and time-consuming misunderstandings down the road.
This is guaranteed through managed terminology processes from creation of terms in the source language, including incorporation of term bases such as MedDRA, to their approval for use in the translation process.

Ensuring terminology quality across the board

Valid terminology only works when it can be used by all parties involved and with all relevant tools. This requires easy access from word processing programs (such as Word), enterprise content management system (such as Documentum), translation tools (such as Transit) and globally available online applications (such as WebTerm).

Traceable quality

To ensure good translations, comprehensive quality assurance is required. Traceable revision processes that transparently record who translated and edited what and when are an important requirement.

Example: STAR CPM

The STAR CPM corporate process management system manages all of your information processes beyond linguistic and national borders.
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Example: Transit

The Transit translation memory system with built-in terminology management accelerates the translation process, guaranteeing consistent translations, traceability and consistent terminology.
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Example: MindReader for Word

The MindReader for Word author support system lets all parties access established phrasing including validated terminology, ensuring consistent content across all document types.
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Example: WebTerm

With the WebTerm terminology management system, you can make validated terminology available globally and allow worldwide experts to take part in controlled terminology processes.
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