Luxury Goods

Precision with style

Luxury is not just associated with high-quality products but also exceptional branding: a strong brand combines design, content and the product into a unique selling proposition. In the luxury goods industry, information is marketing-oriented and takes into account the specific needs of the local target markets. An important aspect of this is a corporate language policy which defines brand-specific terminology and distinguishes the company from the competition.

Consistent branding

An intelligent terminology system with efficient variant management lets you find and use the right words – for any brand and any market.
This not only sets you apart from your competitors, it also lets you differentiate brands within your own company.

Controlled processes for creative freedom

Successful global marketing with high regional differentiation is only possible with reproducible processes that allow enough flexibility to take into account country- and market-specific characteristics. This lets you keep a central focus without limiting your local marketing efforts.

InDesign, QuarkXPress, etc.

Luxury good marketing requires professional DTP tools to meet the high standards for layout. Cleverly designed workflows let you incorporate InDesign, QuarkXPress and other platforms so you can keep a handle on your design processes and meet your deadlines.

Think globally, check locally

Each target market knows its own local and cultural requirements the best. With user-friendly and simple in-country review, you can take advantage of this knowledge quickly and easily and ensure that your translations and terminology will suit your target audience's tastes.

Example: STAR CLM

This automated corporate language management system supports everything from simple to complex, layout-oriented translation and DTP processes for QuarkXPress- and InDesign documents for local and global marketing.
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Example: TermStar

The TermStar terminology management system lets you define your own corporate language guidelines even with complex requirements like brand-specific terminology or different target-market-dependent language variants.
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Example: Transit

The Transit translation memory system supports all relevant DTP formats. Its built-in PDF viewer lets you see the layout context of the translation.
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Example: STAR WebCheck

The STAR WebCheck web-based reviewing tool lets your satellite locations or sales partners participate in the in-country review process, allowing them to take the specific characteristics of the target market into account.
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