Institutions, Public Agencies and Government

Preventing the exception from becoming the rule

Good management and administration requires consistent processes in which new requirements build upon the foundation of established principles. Inevitable exceptions and special circumstances should not disrupt the foundation but be seamlessly incorporated into existing processes.
A thorough internal and external communication system with consistent, topic-based language rules lets you complete projects faster and avoid time-consuming queries from both internal and external customers.

Finding versus searching

Administrative tasks often involve searching through an enormous amount of documents to find answers to questions.
Intelligent processes with efficient keywording let you store information in a way that makes it easy to find without lengthy searches.

Context is key

Searching for information isn't just about locating isolated words or phrases but about the context in which they are found. "Dynamic linking" has proven useful in the translation world and supports your document management efforts by letting you find the right information in the right context as efficiently as possible.

Ensuring continuity across formats

Managing information isn't something you start from scratch but rather on the basis of existing databases and document archives. With cross-format migration, you can repurpose existing data without losing the valuable information you already have.

Communicating on a solid basis

Most internal and external communication involves reuse of information that has already been communicated in one form or another. By reusing existing information quickly and easily, you don't have to reinvent the (communication) wheel each time.

Example: STAR CPM

The STAR CPM corporate process management system lets you track business processes with multiple validation steps through completion and archiving. Your files are clearly organized so you can distribute the right information to the right participants and track and document processes in retrospect.
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Example: DDHM

DDHM lets you archive and access documents on the web any time through full text searches, metadata or content.
It can be integrated into your CPM platform, so you don't have to worry about keywording or archiving, as these are done automatically according to regulated processes.

Example: MindReader for Word

With MindReader author support, you can create consistent documents in Microsoft Word and ensure the use of standard, topic-specific terminology.
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Example: MindReader for Outlook

MindReader for Outlook lets you draft emails with confidence by accessing established wording templates, allowing you to focus on what you want to say and not how to say it.
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