Time is money

In the financial sector, information is the product that determines success or failure. The speed at which this information can be provided and communicated is therefore critical.
One important factor is the high number of documents and players: unlike in manufacturing, volume in this industry results not from large, expansive factories but from the sheer quantity of small or even tiny documents requested and used by numerous internal and external users.
At the same time, financial products are under increasing regulatory pressure, which must be accounted for through thorough validation processes and consistent content.

Meeting short deadlines with little overhead

Sophisticated corporate language management ensures quick translation results: automated processes handle routine tasks without user intervention, combine optimal language technologies and reduce administrative work to a minimum. This helps clients keep their information advantage from beginning to end – in all relevant languages.

Language management made easy

Large numbers of translation projects and internal clients require user-friendly portals that let you manage translation jobs easily and ensure compliance with corporate language guidelines.
This saves time and money, not just for translation management itself but for all those who use it.

Security and trust

Security and trustworthiness in the financial industry are critically important, with high requirements for information management.
A solid foundation includes controlled processes with encrypted communications and thorough access control, consistent quality, standard wording and validated terminology.

Communicating in the fast lane

When information is the product, communicating that information becomes an important part of a company's day-to-day operations.
That's why even a slight increase in efficiency can result in big time savings. This frees up resources for you and your staff to tackle issues beyond the everyday routine.

Example: STAR CLM

The STAR CLM corporate language management portals simplify the internal process for requesting translations, automate project management and billing, and minimize the administrative time required for large quantities of small translation jobs with tight deadlines.
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Example: GRIPS

GRIPS is a semantic content management platform that stores content (such as financial project information, research publications, risk management data) as well as content-based relationships. This allows for highly personalized, channel-specific communication with clients and staff. Business platforms can also process this content automatically thanks to semantic linking.
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Example: MindReader for Outlook

MindReader for Outlook makes email communication faster by giving you quick access to established wording, allowing you to focus on what you want to say and not how to say it.
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Example: Machine translation

With STAR MT, you can protect your information from non-transparent online providers and translate using specially trained systems for your field.
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