Consumer Goods, Retail and Tourism

Meeting the needs of any target audience in any market

The market for consumer goods, retail and tourism is vast and fast-paced. Companies who can achieve name recognition more quickly, build a stronger presence and attract more visitors to their websites are one step ahead of the game. Websites that address the specific needs of local markets and adapt quickly to new requirements on a global scale offer a key advantage.

Staying current globally

Fast-paced markets expect up-to-date websites and quick responses – with no time for lengthy, sluggish translation processes.
Intelligent workflows and lean processes guarantee short information paths and quick localization of changes, keeping your internet presence current at all times.

Translating HTML, XML, etc.

The challenges of website localization are different than those of "traditional" Word or DTP projects: many small files, little context, complex hierarchical folder structures and individual DTDs. With a cleverly designed translation tool, you can manage the job efficiently and keep a tight handle on your website translations.

Selecting the right keywords

To make sure your target audience can find you on the web, you must "arm" your site with keywords that your target market will be sure to recognize and search for.
A multilingual terminology management system that can also handle country-specific terminology variants can help you do just that.

Supporting terminology efficiently

Good terminology is only beneficial when used consistently and effortlessly.
Seamless integration of terminology into the translation environment and dynamic terminology verification guarantee optimal translator support.

Example: STAR CLM

The STAR CLM corporate language management system automates and accelerates the handling of translation jobs, keeping websites up-to-date in all languages faster and with minimal effort.
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Example: WebTerm

With the web-based WebTerm terminology management system, you can make your product names and terminology available globally, allowing local market experts to take part in controlled terminology processes.
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Example: Transit

The Transit translation memory system offers optimal support for website localization (including built-in HTML/XML previews) to ensure that translation projects are completed quickly and correctly.
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Example: STAR WebCheck

The STAR WebCheck web-based reviewing tool lets your satellite locations or sales partners participate in the quality assurance process quickly and efficiently, taking into account the specific characteristics of the target market.
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