Aerospace / Defense

Taking flight – with confidence

Projects in the area of aviation, space travel and military operations are carried out by international consortia that collaborate across borders and languages. In addition, clients in this area require a standard information structure that is not tied to specific suppliers of individual products and components.
Both of these factors require a great deal of standardized sharing of information with a project-specific life cycle. This information is stored in a common data pool for use as a standard data source.

Seamless collaboration

Large projects are developed in consortia made up of many partners, in which the seamless exchange of information and progress monitoring are critically important. Collaboration portals make sharing and merging information easy and create transparency regarding the current project status.

Specification compliance

Modular manufacturing and information processes function only on the basis of a common information structure that is defined by various specifications.
S1000D and other standards thus form the basic foundation for documentation projects in the military and aerospace sectors.

Dual use of information

Most manufacturers in the aerospace industry conduct both civilian as well as military projects. Intelligent information processes let you build bridges between the two camps: multichannel publications in any number of specification-compliant versions allow both single sourcing and dual use of your information simultaneously.

Simplified English

Simplified English is a controlled language with a limited terminology and a standardized grammar. This variant of English is used in many military and aerospace projects. It meets the requirements for clarity of understanding and efficient language processes.

Example: GRIPS

GRIPS (Global Realtime Information Processing Solution) supports specific solutions for all specifications from the start. Content can be published to the required specification version at any time.
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Example: MindReader

With MindReader author support, you can access established phrasing and terminology in real time as you type. MindReader also supports Simplified English, letting you write consistently using controlled language. MindReader supports authoring on platforms such as GRIPS, various XML editors and Word.
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Example: TermStar

The TermStar terminology management system supports and monitors the use of correct terminology. TermStar is built into both GRIPS (Global Realtime Information Processing Solution) and MindReader (author support) and also supports Simplified English.
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Example: Consortium Portal

The Consortium Portal lets consortium partners share and access approved models from a central location. The Consortium Dashboard gives you a round-the-clock overview of the current project status, approved versions and up-to-the-minute updates.