Procurement/Human Resources

You expect:

  • Optimal price/performance ratio for all products, services and resources
  • Sound decision bases for strategic purchasing
  • Controlled and simple integration of suppliers and their system landscapes
  • Higher cost control and better performance assessment of service providers and suppliers
  • More flexibility, reliability and efficiency of available resources
  • Easy relocation and outsourcing of individual tasks or entire processes

As a solution provider we offer:

  • Controlled support for information and language processes including defined work packages for service providers and subcontractors
  • Sustainable partnership for continuous innovation
  • Meaningful reporting and automated QA evaluations in real time
  • Integrated project monitoring and tracking
  • Information processes that are independent from departmental structures and organization and open to future business and workplace models

As a service provider we offer:

  • Advanced workbench with competent teams of specialists and language experts worldwide
  • High efficiency, timeliness and quality at competitive prices thanks to skilled teams and proven processes
  • High availability through global internal capacities in conjunction with a global network of selected contractors
  • Practical on-site project and software support

Our services at a glance