IT Management

You expect:

  • Easy integration into existing IT environments and processes as well as integration with upstream and downstream systems
  • High scalability and need-based licensing
  • Future-oriented solution architecture with standardized development techniques
  • Minimized IT project risk through high-level standards compliance and low-level customization
  • Worldwide practical support
  • Sustainable and reliable development roadmap and standardized release and update process

We offer:

  • Comprehensive standards support, plug-ins for integration into standard software and SSO support
  • APIs and flexible interfaces for legacy systems (R&D, software development, production/configuration systems such as SAP, etc.) and downstream systems (CRM, dealer management, web portals, on-demand print systems, etc.)
  • Transparent and usage-based licensing models and product variants and hosting solutions based on customer profiles
  • Flexible, integrable, highly configurable standard solutions
  • First, Second and Third Level Support from a worldwide network of STAR experts – multilingually and locally
  • Synchronized roadmaps for all product lines