Executive Level

You expect:

  • Short time-to-market for innovations and support for platform and component strategies through a company-wide knowledge and information management network
  • Stable information processes that are independent of organizational changes and restructuring and open to future business and workplace models
  • Higher planning security and more detailed controlling for projects and budgets
  • Corporate know-how governance through clearly defined, controlled information processes with professional validation, transparent information history and clear responsibilities
  • Support for global, multilingual teamwork on a common central information platform, including across multiple locations
  • Real-time learning through dynamic integration of worldwide feedback processes

We offer:

  • Consistent, standardized information processes for corporate know-how governance
  • Highest data quality and easy integration into customer-specific IT environments
  • Sustainable and practical support from an experienced and reliable partner with a global network of expert teams
  • Meaningful reporting in real time
  • Information processes synchronized with industrial processes to capture information at the source and maintain it
  • Real-time round-trip information processing by synchronizing publication and feedback