After Sales

You expect:

  • High service quality and customer satisfaction for your products
  • Faster and better diagnostics, shorter repair times, better parts availability and efficient use of resources through networked information
  • Higher predictability and efficiency of your production processes with more focused use of your experts and infrastructure
  • Additional business models through personalized, usage-based services
  • Worldwide, anytime access to the latest and best information

We offer:

  • Efficient information sharing through dynamically generated, personalized, situation-based and networked real-time information
  • Worldwide multilingual access to central information pool via web portals
  • Automatic tracking of information use and dynamic feedback processes for sending back and centrally managing targeted, validated experience from the field
  • Dedicated analyses from the semantic information network for evaluations as needed, such as for optimally guided cross-component troubleshooting, dynamic maintenance plans, efficient spare parts logistics, requirements-compliant production facilities, etc.
  • Interfaces for integrating with established dealer/customer relationship management systems