Multimedia - multilingual

Multimedia and audiovisual content are on the rise: they can transmit information many times over in the same amount of time as traditional text and images. As useful side effects, well-done multimedia projects can make learning fun, increase acceptance and motivate users to pass on the knowledge.

But the charm of multimedia can also be a challenge when it comes to localizing and adapting it to local markets: more so than with other forms of communication, having a well-thought-out concept from the start can help you find the best solution for your content, requirements and budget.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Attractive multimedia presence in all target markets
  • Centralized project management for multilingual projects
  • Storybooks, translations, voice talent selection and technical implementation from a single source
  • Scalable costs with professional solutions for small budgets

Concentrated competence

With a network of competent partners and a large voice talent pool for all major languages, we handle projects with a wide variety of requirements.
We'd be happy to put together a complete package for you for professional language voice-overs from a single source.

The right voice-over

We create a perfect mix for your voice-over needs: time or lip synchronization, script adaptation and shortening, voice recording, dubbing or subtitling.
You'll benefit from the right technology and methods for serving your markets with multimedia.

Subtitling versus dubbing

Subtitles are a cost-conscious alternative to complex voice dubbing. We use our language technology to translate subtitles consistently and in an audiovisual context,
guaranteeing you multilingual, multimedia-based communications for projects of any size.