Terminology management

In the beginning there was the word

Why Terminology Management? For many a fair question, as the immediate benefits of terminology work are not obvious at first glance. Nevertheless, the answer is simple: a word, as part of language, conveys information. Those who seek to convey information clearly and accurately must be sure to use the right words in every situation.

Clear and consistent terminology helps readers better understand the text, ensures a consistent image for your company and makes the job of authors and translators easier. Terminology work provides a variety of benefits: It forms the basis for saying the right thing using the right words in both the source and the target languages.

Terminology is not accidental

To ensure that proper terminology is not accidental, our experts work with controlled vocabulary processes that are customized to the needs of your project: from terminology extraction and cleanup to technical and linguistic validation to release and distribution to the users of your terminology.
Terminologists and local market experts anywhere in the world may be involved in the terminology process to unsure you use the right words that will be understood by the target market.

Terminology management for any budget

Every terminology project must meet the client's requirements, time frame and budget.
Do you have a translation that requires project-specific terminology work? Do you want to merge, clean up or update your existing terminology resources? Do you want to build your own terminology management system? Do you want to optimize your terminology processes?
With our many years of proven terminology expertise, we help you to the exact extent that is reasonable and feasible for you.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Clear and consistent communication through corporate language
  • Reduced costs for translation and quality assurance
  • Scalable solutions for every terminology budget
  • Tried and tested terminology management on a global scale

Generate global benefits

Even the best terminology work is of little use if it takes place behind closed doors.
That's why we use proven technologies and solutions to support the worldwide use and visibility of your terminology management system.

Giving innovation the right name

Terminology arises along with product development: new components and functions are "christened" and named.
To avoid using just any name, efficient terminology management goes right to the source, saving you considerable time and cost for downstream validation and subsequent corrections.

Translation and terminology hand in hand

On the one hand, terminology should be easy to add and correct during the translation process. However, it should also be immediately available for translation.
Our language technology, with fully integrated terminology management and translation memory, guarantees that new terminology is directly and immediately available for your translation project.