Machine translation

More resources for global communications

Global markets, international project teams, worldwide support, multilingual communication channels: the demand for translation is growing so fast that human translation alone can no longer keep up. Machine translation (MT) creates additional opportunities for global communication across language barriers.

Scenarios for the successful use of machine translation are manifold: Human-aided machine translation, for example, supports translators in combination with translation memory and post-editing. Then there’s “gisting,” i.e., rough translation that provides a general understanding of the content. Machine translation can also be used to translate standard boilerplate text fully automatically.

STAR MT represents a valuable additional resource for your translation needs. Its systems are specifically trained for your field of business and protect your information from non-transparent online translation providers.

Knowing when and where

Translation memory or machine translation? The answer is not an either-or decision but rather a smooth transition: machine translation is only efficient and useful when used in the right place at the right time. We can help you determine when machine translation is right for your translations, content and language combinations.
Intelligent workflows link machine translations by information type, target audience and time frame as part of your Corporate Language Management system.

Knowing how

When it comes to machine translation systems, the same holds true as it does for human translators: only those machine translation systems that can expertly handle your subject matter, language and company-specific requirements can deliver high quality translation.
That’s why our MT systems can be trained and optimized to work seamlessly with your reference materials and specialized terminology.
And with the Transit NXT translation memory system, you’ll combine the quality of validated translation memory with the speed of a machine translation system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Higher translation volumes in a manageable time frame and budget
  • Appropriate translation quality through custom-configured and trained MT engines
  • Situation-based combination of TM, MT and post-editing
  • Flexibility through configurable interfaces for customer's existing MT systems

TM, MT or both?

Translation Memory (TM) or Machine Translation (MT)? The answer is not an either-or decision but rather a smooth transition.
Intelligent workflows utilize the right technologies depending on the type of information, the target audience and the time window and combine them to achieve a perfect balance of efficiency and quality.

STAR MT – perfectly trained

To ensure your MT system is optimally trained for your translations, we make the most out of your data.

You’ll also benefit from our 30 years of experience in intelligent language processes: extracting text from any file format (DTP, HTML, XML, MS Office, resource files, etc.) and leveraging terminology, including for machine translation, is routine business for STAR.

STAR MT, Systran, SmartMATE and more

Our STAR MT system is based on Moses, which we custom-configure and train based on our many years of experience in language technology.
We are also happy to configure and train your existing MT systems, such as Systran or Smart Mate, and optimally integrate them into the translation process.