Training and system introduction

Learn to use tools the right way

Users can get the most out of their tools when they know how to use them correctly. Good training from the beginning pays off in several ways. The steep learning curve lets you use the tool faster and more productively. At the same time, you'll avoid beginner's mistakes and have greater success working with the tool.

Training pays off for advanced users, too: their content is based on the specific needs of their projects. Through proper training, your staff will know how to best use the tools and be able to identify potential areas for improvement on their own.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Quick system implementation for fast productivity
  • Targeted learning through practice-based training
  • Continuous growth of user expertise
  • Worldwide training courses in many languages

Experienced training teams

Our training teams are active worldwide and have many years of experience with the reality of everyday users and the tools of the STAR Group.
You'll get hands-on training that you can apply and implement immediately in your work.

It's in the mix

The training concept begins with standardized training tailored to the ever-growing expertise of users.
This ensures that you get exactly the information and support you need for your specific tasks.

User groups

In product-specific user groups, you'll meet and share experiences with users from other companies.
You'll learn how other users have solved the challenges that you might also be facing.

Training and system implementation concept

The STAR Group's proven 3-step training concept takes you from basic training at system launch to system operation support to individual training for advanced users.

Step 1: Basic training at system implementation

Users receive basic training upon system implementation via standardized learning packages onsite, at STAR or on the web.
They'll learn basic skills for using the tools efficiently.

Step 2: System operation support

Detailed questions don't arise until the system is in daily use and are best answered onsite through dedicated support using real data and real projects.
You'll receive practical support tailored to your specific needs.

Step 3: Advanced user training

Flexible tools require individual training. For advanced users, we provide targeted knowledge transfer,
giving them the right skills for their specialized jobs as well as the ability to make the most out of their tools.