Process automation

Intelligent workflows for successful automation

Information is not a mass-produced, high-volume commodity. Information processes therefore require intelligent workflows: automation must allow standard processes to be reproduced consistently while leaving enough room to respond to changes in requirements and tasks.

Intelligent and flexible workflows relieve staff from routine work, giving them the room to focus on creative and intellectual activities that cannot be automated.

Teamwork for your workflow

A successful workflow adapts to your needs and goals – not vice versa. To this end, our experts analyze your existing processes and resources, define a workflow and verify the results using custom use cases.
This requires your participation – after all, you know your processes, resources and requirements best. In turn, we offer our expertise in information management and our experience from many successful customer projects.
Even after implementation is over, we stay by your side: we work with you to identify further ways to optimize your everyday practices and analyze new processes and requirements. Your workflow thus remains flexible enough to cover all your routine tasks.

Standards, configuration and programming

No workflow is exactly like any another, yet they are similar in some ways. For this reason, our experts rely on many standard elements. These have already been successfully implemented in numerous workflows and can be configured to fit your individual requirements and system landscapes. You'll benefit from proven workflow elements and improvements developed over years of working with a variety of systems.
For special requirements that pertain to your specific process landscape only, our experienced developer team has the skills to create a custom solution for your workflow.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Efficient and reproducible execution of routine tasks
  • Free resources for creative and intellectual tasks
  • Security of proven standards with flexible configuration options
  • Future-proof, expandable investment

Time for the essentials

Intelligent workflows reduce the manual effort required for routine tasks and eliminate the risk of human error,
giving you reproducible results and freeing up your staff to concentrate on essential tasks.

A single source for all your needs

Our experts design workflows, program custom elements if necessary and have practical experience in the entire information process chain.
You'll get a seamless solution in which all components are optimally aligned.

Flexibility guaranteed

With modular design and extensive configuration options, your workflow is not set in stone but can be individually adapted.
This lets you stay flexible and adjust the workflow at any time to new processes and requirements.