Text optimization

Greater benefits at a lower cost

Technical documents are not great works of literature: in fiction, flowery, synonym-rich sentences are allowed – technical writing, on the other hand, requires clear, consistent and specific formulations.

This ensures that the audience can understand and apply the information correctly, increasing not just the benefits for your customers but also the legal security of your technical documentation.

Incidentally, these improvements also help meet the requirements for "translation-friendly writing:" clear, consistent and concrete formulations speed up the translation process so you can expand into international markets faster and more affordably.

The right word in the right place

Putting the right word in the right place isn't a choice, it's a mandatory requirement for text optimization: clear and consistent terminology helps readers better understand the text and makes the translator's job easier. Terminology-optimized text thus offers double benefits.
Our terminologists know, from having worked on many terminology projects both small and large, how to extract, prepare, organize and apply terminology,
giving you the basis for saying the right thing using the right words in both the source and the target languages.

Fit for translation

Even documents that "look good" can contain hidden pitfalls, stumbling blocks and time-robbers that are not discovered until the translation process begins. Our translation experts have many years of experience and are able to accurately judge these situations.
With this knowledge in hand, you can make your text translation-ready: formatting and layout errors are systematically removed, unnecessary wording variations are eliminated and style guides for translation-oriented writing are applied.
By attacking the cause, you'll prevent problems that arise later on down the road, such as during translation or target-language layout.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Better quality in source and target languages
  • Significantly reduced translation costs
  • Shorter time-to-market through more efficient translations

Less is more

Optimized text reduces manual translation volume and can help you reap the full benefits of translation memory systems,
saving you time and money for the translation of your information.

Optimize once, benefit over and over

In multilingual projects, optimization pays off in many ways: by improving text in the source language, you'll make translating it into multiple target languages easier.

Sustainable improvement

The MindReader authoring memory system lets you use your current optimization efforts as a basis for future authoring and editing work so you can continue to benefit from translation-ready text and consistent terminology.