Technical writing & editing

Communicating technology

The better your customers understand your products, the better they can use them, regardless of whether you make consumer products, software, vehicles or complete industrial system. Good technical communications help reduce your support efforts and minimize financial risk from erroneous information.

Technical content must therefore be "translated" into each user group's point of view. This requires not only a detailed technical understanding of the product but also knowledge of the relevant target audience and normative requirements.

Practical experience with vision

Our editorial teams possess a sound technical education and have many years of practical experience in various industries and documentation projects. We understand your products and how to make them understandable for your users.
Through their involvement in the entire information life cycle, our experts have a clear understanding of the complete information process, from research to terminology work and target audience analysis to downstream processes like translation and publication. This allows the optimization of content and data for efficient processing, reuse and communication in all languages, channels and media.

Increasing editorial resources

In many small and medium-sized companies, documentation projects can be a burden on development, marketing or sales: writing and editing is done "on the side" by staff members with other pressing responsibilities. We take on this job so you can focus on your core tasks.
Even if your company has its own documentation department, very large projects at the wrong time can stretch your own resources. We handle these peaks in the workload and prevent documentation bottlenecks from forming.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Increased customer satisfaction through comprehensible and targeted information
  • Resource relief
  • Reduced translation and publication costs
  • Shorter time-to-market

Optimized from the start

We know how to structure, write and lay out documentation in a translation-friendly manner,
giving you text optimization as an added bonus. This saves you time and money on translation, layout and publication and lets you get the final product to market faster.

Reduced liability risk

An instruction manual is legally part of the product. As with any other product component, errors can be costly and lead to significant product liability risk.
That's why it pays to treat technical documentation with the same care and quality as the product itself.

A single source for every alternative

Our editorial experts not only know how to write, they understand how to convey information in other ways as well.
You'll get the best communications for your target audience – including visualization, multimedia and e-learning – from a single source.