Many forms of media – many benefits for your customers

Time is money, as they say, and it is no less true for consumers of technical information. That's why, in some industry segments, audiovisual content has taken hold: it can transmit information many times over in the same amount of time as traditional text and images.

As useful side effects, well-done multimedia projects can make learning fun, increase acceptance and motivate users to pass on the knowledge.

However, successful product communication does not consist of multimedia alone: each industry segment and each target market has its own requirements in terms of content, technology and regulations. A well-balanced mix of multiple communication channels benefits not only your target audience but your budget as well.

It's in the mix

A short video sequence showing how to install a replacement part makes a difficult-to-describe task easy to understand. But multimedia is not an end in itself and is only useful where it can provide actual benefits to the consumer, such as by providing better information or reducing costs.
With our experience, we are able to judge which content can be most efficiently conveyed via audio or video sequences. We look beyond the simple initial creation process and set the right course for later adaptation to target markets, updates during the product lifecycle and the integration of various communication tools.

Multimedia and multilingual

The requirements of global markets also apply to audiovisual content. More so than with other forms of communication, having a well-thought-out concept from the start can help ensure quick and cost-effective localization.
We understand the challenges from many past customer projects and know what good, efficient localization is all about. We also provide support during implementation with specially developed tools, such as for translating subtitles based on translation memories to ensure consistent working across all languages and media.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Motivated, efficiently trained target audiences
  • Fast and efficient presence in many markets
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio through a situation-specific media mix
  • Scalable costs through variations for smaller budgets

Optimal integration

We offer both mono and multimedia communications. This lets you benefit from our expertise in creating cross-media synergies and optimally integrate the various means of communication.

Sustainable projects

Our team looks beyond the boundaries of your individual project and understands downstream processes like localization and updates as well.
Therefore, your investment in multimedia won't be obsolete after six months but will form the basis for long-term successful communications.

Experienced project teams

Our project teams know from wide-ranging customer experience where to best incorporate video and audio into technical documentation - and where not to.
You thus get an open-ended analysis to help you create an efficient mix of multimedia and traditional technical documentation.