Information Creation

Technical Writing & Editing

The better your customers understand your products, the better they can use them, regardless of whether you make consumer products, software, vehicles or complete industrial systems. More »

Text Optimization

Technical documents are not great works of literature: in fiction, flowery, synonym-rich sentences are allowed – technical writing, on the other hand, requires clear, consistent and specific formulations.
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"A picture is worth a thousand words" – this saying has been around for nearly a century and it is just as true today as it was then.
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A well-balanced mix of multiple communication channels benefits not only your target audience but your budget as well.
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Benefits at a Glance

  • Transparent projects and responsibilities
  • Planning security and cost control
  • Controlled processes with reproducible results

Analysis and transparency

It all begins with an analysis of your information processes in order to optimally coordinate resources, interfaces and responsibilities.
This gives you transparency, control over your costs and planning security for your project – you'll know exactly what you'll get.

Controlled processes

Automated workflows guarantee controlled authoring and editing processes and relieve the project staff of routine tasks.
This gives you reproducible results according to constant quality criteria, as well as the freedom to focus on creative tasks that can't be automated.

Experienced teams of experts

The STAR Group has teams of experts around the world with many years of experience in international and multilingual projects.
You'll benefit from their expertise gained from numerous projects and their ability to face challenges before they become problems.