Knowledge transfer without barriers

Continuous learning is an essential requirement for career and business success. However, traditional classroom training soon reaches its limits with teams in different locations, flexible working hours, booked appointment calendars and non-homogeneous trainee groups.

The solution is e-learning: it lets you transfer knowledge, regardless of time and location, reliably and over longer periods of time. The participants set their own learning pace, thus getting exactly the right "dose" of information for expanding their knowledge.

Standardized individual training

Every trainee is different: different backgrounds, concentration abilities and learning speeds. Successful training must take these varying needs into account while simultaneously ensuring that all relevant content is well-received and understood by the participant. However, individual face-to-face training is rarely feasible from an organizational or financial standpoint.
Our e-learning programs combine standardization with individualization: standardized learning units, packages and programs can be completed by the participants individually, flexibly and according to the situation at their own pace, in the location and at the time of their choice.

E-learning learns, too

E-learning offers a variety of options for communication between trainers and trainees. Training is most effective when trainees can interact with the training content and the instructors. Questions can be immediately answered and feedback taken into account for the next training session.
The process of conveying information – from targeted information distribution to qualified feedback – allows detailed analyses of the reading behavior and comprehension level of the information recipient.
This lets you continuously develop and improve the quality and efficiency of your training program.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Simple organization through time-, place- and personnel-independent training
  • Steep learning curve and high acceptance through interactive content
  • High efficiency through individual, personal and situational information transfer
  • Continuous improvement through performance analyses and interactive feedback

We help you learn

We have many years of experience and extensive expertise in setting up and organizing electronic and web-based learning situations.
We'll gladly take care of the information and learning processes in your company so you can focus on your core business.

Creating a pleasant learning environment

Appealing design, multimedia content, interactive elements and modern technology make for a pleasant virtual learning environment.
This helps participants stay focused and motivated to continuously expand their knowledge and their expertise.

Focusing on the essentials

Analyzing usage data and participant feedback lets you clearly see which topic areas are used most often,
allowing you to focus your information budget on content that meets the greatest need and yields the greatest benefit.