Desktop Publishing

Adding shape to information worldwide

Good desktop publishing lets you add shape to information, reach your target audience and ensure a uniform layout for your communications that matches your corporate design.
In global communications, good desktop publishing represents the beginning and end of the successful translation process: the initial layout and structure of the document forms the basis for the entire process chain and directly impact the cost and time required for translation.
Post-translation DTP puts the final touches on the translated document, ensuring the right presentation for local needs and preferences.

Expand your DTP resources

As the deadline for the trade show, product release or delivery of a custom-built machine nears, the time crunch begins: all the flyers, marketing brochures or product documentation must be ready on time – in every language.
We help take the stress off during these peak times by expanding your resources through automated DTP processes and experienced teams who work simultaneously worldwide.
You can also broaden your DTP resources year-round by letting us use our expertise to optimize your processes and documents and make them translation-ready.
This lets you reach your audience faster and more affordably – in any country and any language.

Take advantage of our 30 years of multilingual DTP experience

As an information and translation service provider, the STAR Group has 30 years of DTP experience. Our DTP experts know how to best design and structure your documents for the translation process. This can drastically reduce your translation and DTP efforts.
Our DTP specialists are globally linked and have the linguistic know-how to put the finishing touches on your target-language documents. They are skilled in all standard DTP tools and know how to use them for East Asian, Middle Eastern or South Asian languages.
This knowledge is further enhanced through extensive automation of DTP processes, giving you fast, standardized results and flexibility for your DTP staff, who can focus on those tasks that can't be completed automatically.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • The right layout for each target market worldwide
  • Optimal use of internal resources
  • Sustainably optimized DTP processes

Sustainable optimization

We'll show you how to structure and lay out your documents in a "translation-friendly" manner.
This cuts down the amount of manual work required, letting you get to market faster and saving you time and money.

Reduced workload during crunch times

We support you with large projects that are beyond your own resources
so you can take layout and translation off your list of "critical" tasks and focus on your core activities.

Multilingual DTP

We help you with our experience in so-called exotic languages, which can present unique challenges depending on the DTP tool used.
This ensures that your documents are well received in Eastern Europe, East Asia, India and Middle East.