Content Engineering

The virtual brain behind a successful information strategy

With content engineering, we help you virtually portray the technology behind your products. Product components, functional dependencies, product variants and topics are combined to form information models that can be automatically processed and evaluated. Information is input into this model and validated during the development process.

This is used to create a Semantic Digital Mock-Up, in which the functions of the product and its information needs are optimally linked.

True single sourcing of information

Content Engineering creates the basis for true single sourcing, in which information and its contextual relationships are recorded irrespective of language, document, purpose or publication channel –
a requirement for standardized processes used to obtain information directly from the source and improve it continuously in real time. Like the technical functions of the product, information is connected via links and automatically evaluated for any need.

Intelligent information – with our expertise

Our Content Engineering experts will help you create a multilingual, company-wide information model that you can use to easily generate increasingly intelligent information products – for all markets, channels, situations and audiences.
The STAR Group has already helped many prestigious companies realign their information strategies. We've developed our own industry-specific standard structures that can be adapted to the specific products, information needs and business models of each customer.
With our expertise and many years of experience in the field, we would be happy to help you meet your future information needs.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Efficient and sustainable project implementation through experience from successful content engineering projects
  • Fast implementation through information modeling based on a modular principle
  • User-oriented support during change management
  • High degree of standardization with proven industry-specific information models
  • Open expandable models with proven success

Into the future with Content Engineering

Content Engineering provides the basis for personalized and situation-specific communication on all channels and media – even if you're not sure what future situations and channels await.
Buzz-terms like augmented reality, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are becoming reality and the combination of virtual worlds and real worlds will define future information strategies and technologies.

Learning in real time

By recording and analyzing information usage and demand, we can see which information is utilized most often.
The results go through dynamic feedback processes and back into the semantic information network, giving the system the ability to learn in real time.
This lets you focus your budget on the content that meets the greatest need and generates the most benefit.

Collaborative teamwork without language barriers

We help you establish a central information pool that can be populated with content authored in any language from anywhere in the world. This is especially valuable in industrial projects with different development sites. All participants can work in their respective native languages and concentrate fully on the content of their work.