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Content development


Communicating technology

Product understanding brings customer experience: Tailored information packages help your customers to make the best possible use of your innovations, increase brand loyalty and simultaneously reduce your support requirements.

Documentation processes, which most often fall downstream of product development and prototyping, present technical editors, developers and product managers with a variety of challenges: Time to market, processing of queries, monitoring of design revisions, last-minute changes. The linking of the processes between the various specialist departments involved complicates the reliability of resource planning, meaning that capacity peaks can only be staved off with great difficulty.

The experience of our authoring teams is based on the long-standing collaboration with medium-sized companies and global corporations. The technical foundation consists of semantic management of content on the basis of single-source information with link technology, dialog with the product platforms, 3D modeling and multi-channel publications.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fulfillment of time-to-market goals
  • Shorter editing times
  • Relieves strain on your resources and balances out capacity peaks
  • Use of the latest information technology via services (Editing 4.0)
  • Increased flexibility through parallel creation of the technical content synchronized with the development of the product components
  • Comprehensive single sourcing
  • Authors with text, image and multimedia expertise (dialog design)
  • Greater planning reliability

Optimize once, benefit over and over

Technical documents are not great works of literature: Technical literature requires clear, consistent and strict formulations, as opposed to flowery sentence structures that are rife with variants. This ensures that the target audience can understand and apply the information correctly, increasing not only the benefits for your customers, but also the legal security of your technical documentation.

Our experts know how to put together a well-formulated, target group-oriented text. At the same time, you can maintain an overview of the entire process, ensuring your content can also deliver optimized results in translation, search machines and digital assistants.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduction in translation costs through optimal exploitation of translation memory systems and machine translation
  • Efficient change management
  • Quicker search results
  • Considerable benefits for websites (SEO)
  • Preparation for language output or communication assistants
  • Long-term effect on the editing of subsequent projects

Images instead of words

"A picture is worth a thousand words" – this saying has been around for nearly a century, and is more relevant than ever before. Pictures, graphics and animations are important information media and indispensable layout elements for technical communication: A professional 3D animation can depict a process far better than a chunk of text.

In order to be able to create illustrations, animations and virtual 3D models (digital twins) cost-efficiently, seamless interfaces to source systems from the development process (3D CAD / PDM) are indispensable. Rapid work results are then achieved if both the illustration process and the graphics tools used are optimally aligned to one another.

Draw on the experience of our experts – whether you need an introduction to visualization or you’re looking to implement a quick market launch for projects with even the most substantial volumes of illustrations.

Benefits at a glance

  • Expert visualization of complex technology
  • Animated functional diagrams, 3D renderings, instruction and training models or complete 3D spare parts catalogs from a single source
  • Synchronized working with image editors
  • Additional resources to implement comprehensive illustration projects
  • Digital consistency for 3D information (development, product communication, after sales)
  • Automatic updates to visualization in the event of modifications to designs
  • Better exchange of image data through the use of standard image data formats

It’s in the mix

Time is money, as they say, and it is no less true for consumers of technical information: While a task of installing a replacement part may be difficult to describe on paper, a short video makes this quick and easy to understand. As a valuable side effect, well designed multimedia projects provide the motivation to learn new things.

Multimedia for global markets? An essential requirement for the rapid and cost-effective localization of multimedia products for various markets is the computer-supported synchronization of image, text and sound.

Our project teams have acquired experience from a number of different customer projects and know where best to integrate video and audio into the technical documentation – and where not to. This way, you obtain an efficient blend of multimedia and “conventional” technical documentation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Timely and user-friendly dissemination of content (e.g. for speech output or communication assistants)
  • Work with standardized multimedia solutions and processes
  • STAR-internal multimedia competence center with a global network of technical specialists (e.g. dubbing artists, transcreators, web designers, SEO engineers, dialog designers, testers)
  • Support for all common platforms used by end customers
  • All aspects of multimedia projects available from a single source