Put our expertise to work for you

Information management and corporate language management are not part of the core business of most companies but must still be handled professionally. This ensures the long-term use of information without unnecessary globalization costs, letting you take the product to market faster than the competition.

Our experience as a solution partner for multilingual information management can help you meet these challenges. We provide you with in-depth and practical knowledge of system solutions, workflow and resource management.

A single source for all your needs

We have over 30 years of experience and expertise in best practices for multilingual information management. Our traditional information creation and translation services have evolved into proven standard products that are in daily use around the world. These are complemented by custom and practice-based system solutions developed in long-term partnerships with global clients
, allowing you to draw on our extensive system and process expertise with a keen focus on practical applications.

Standards and individual solutions

We provide expert advice based on established standards that can be enhanced through custom solutions.
Standard STAR Group processes and products are designed to meet the most important standard requirements for information management and corporate language management. Flexible interfaces, configurations and workflows allow us to adapt these standard solutions to customer-specific challenges and processes.
For special requirements, our experienced development team has the skills to create individual solutions and integrate them into your existing process landscape.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Global practical solutions for the complete information chain
  • Innovative, future-oriented products and services that add long-term value
  • A single point of contact for system solutions, processes and services
  • Optimum interaction of all system components

Success in practice

Our expertise did not arise in an ivory tower but rather through many years of experience as a service provider and systems supplier.
You'll get solutions that have been successfully implemented on a global scale with proven benefits.

A big-picture view

Our experts understand the entire information life cycle, including all its facets, opportunities and challenges,
giving you long-term improvements to your overall process instead of treating individual symptoms.

Scalable consulting

The devil is in the details, so we support you through situation-based, individualized consulting,
helping you solve supposedly "small" problems, save time and money and correct errors at the source.