Automatic publication

Faster publication through fully automatic layouts

At the end of the editorial or translation process, the document will be appropriately structured and ready for target market release in PDF or hard copy format.

Even with the right, translation-ready layout and DTP, there's another important time and quality factor to consider: checking page and column breaks.

Many tools provide only partial automation: in some cases, the user must manually prevent related information from being illogically separated. This not only involves time and money for each target language, it also requires duplicate content and post-DTP publication data. With fully automated publication, you save yourself this time and effort.

Automated publication for true single sourcing

By publishing your information automatically, you eliminate the time, cost and risk of manual intervention. This gives you room to focus on your core tasks, conserves financial and human resources and creates flexibility for last-minute corrections.
In addition, you increase the quality of your publications through defined automated processes, consistent page layout and optimal page and line breaks.
This allows for true single-source publishing, since you no longer have to maintain duplicate content and publication data.

Fully automated rule-based publication

We developed a fully automated publication method that fills the gap left by many publishing tools.
The method is based on the STAR LCD concept (Layout Component Definition), which was developed on the basis of many years of experience with multilingual publication processes. In addition to page layout, it also controls frame, column and page breaks so text that belongs together stays together.
STAR LCD can be used for layouts of varying complexity, languages and media, including catalogs, manuals, operating instructions, service literature and much more.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Shorter publication times at reduced layout costs
  • Higher quality through defined processes and consistent layout
  • Flexibility for last-minute changes
  • Reduced data maintenance through true single-source publishing for all languages ​​and all media
  • Available on a project-specific basis or as part of a long-term process optimization service

Faster publishing

We can help you publish your information quickly, accurately and without manual intervention, either as a service or through expert advice.
You'll take your information to market more quickly and improve your publication processes over the long term.

Secure processes

Our automated publication method is based on a clearly defined set of rules, thus eliminating the time, effort and risk involved with manual intervention.
You'll get reproducible results in all languages and media – without human error.

Flexibility guaranteed

With rule-based automated publication, you create a time buffer that gives you flexibility,
such as for implementing new layout requirements (e.g., changes to corporate design guidelines) with minimal effort or making last-minute changes.