4DQuery – Semantic Search Engine

Finding versus searching

“Internet of things,” “ubiquitous computing,” “information overload” – the amount of available information is increasing exponentially. More than ever, we are not challenged by a shortage of information, but rather just the opposite: The unmanageable abundance of information.

New strategies are needed to identify what is actually important in an excess of information and to reach the correct conclusions: The semantic network links information and its meaning so that the data can be automatically evaluated and new, meaningful relationships can be derived. This enables you to use your information more efficiently: Corporate information governance as a strategic resource that is within your grasp.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Quickly find situationally relevant information
  • Derive new relationships from semantic networks
  • Make personalized knowledge globally available through web applications
  • Adaptive systems through the analysis of information needs and user reading habits

Your pilot for a perfect landing

4DQuery makes the knowledge hiding in your data intuitively usable. The web interface automatically adapts the selection criteria to your needs.
Because of this, you can quickly find exactly the right information that is relevant to your needs.

Extract new knowledge on the fly

Along with exact search results, 4DQuery offers additional information relationships using semantic structures.
In doing so, valuable knowledge networks are developed from linked information.

Learn from experience

The analysis of information usage and needs shows which pieces of information are searched for and read more frequently.
The results flow back into the semantic information network through dynamic feedback processes and enable systematic, real-time adaptation.