STAR WebCheck – Online translation reviewing

For editors

With STAR WebCheck, you can check and approve translations in a straightforward manner. You can concentrate on what is important without losing sight of the context.
If you have authorization to make revisions, STAR WebCheck will show you just how convenient online editing can be.

Confirmation: As easy as possible

During the review process, you want to confirm and approve translations as easily as possible without being distracted from the content.
For this reason, you can make approvals in multiple ways using STAR WebCheck: Segment by segment or for the whole document at once. This way, you have a convenient method for each situation.

Online cutting, copying, and pasting

Cutting, copying, and pasting simplify word processing significantly and are especially useful when you need to reorganize or rearrange parts of texts while reviewing.
Using STAR WebCheck, you can cut, copy, and paste while online, just as you are used to doing in your Office applications.

Conveniently search and replace

You know it from every Office application: With search and replace, you can quickly and consistently make corrections throughout the entire text.
This is exactly why STAR WebCheck supports the search and replace function online. A variety options ensure that you will only find what you are looking for.

Well-arranged comparison

A segment may have an eventful history. Using STAR WebCheck, you can compare all editing statuses, view changes, trace the “history,” and revert back to a previous editing status if necessary.

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