GRIPS Functionality – Publishing

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Publishing – Fully Automatic Layout and Format and Channel Support

  • Publishing component: Fully automatic layout and formatting of publications. Integrated viewer component with previews for different publication types and channels (paper, PDF and xHTML). Double-clicking on elements in the layout opens up the corresponding source component in the editor. Feedback collection in the viewer component. Personalization and customization of information for user groups or product configurations using comprehensive filter functions.

Supports the following formats and output channels:

  • xHTML for online, web and IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publication)
  • PDF and paper
  • Word and Excel
  • S1000D and DITA standards as well as custom formats
  • Content server for situational and task-specific querying of content according to freely definable criteria and feedback collection from the field regarding individual content elements
  • Uploading of content to business platforms for ERP, customer service, marketing and sales, dealer management, etc.