GRIPS Functionality – Data Exchange

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Data Exchange – Creating digital continuity through integration, transformation and performance packages

  • Data exchange component: Ensures that content can be imported and exported to/from business systems and that GRIPS functions can be accessed via interfaces (APIs).A high-performance transformation engine supports content conversion between different formats and structures.

Performance packages are available to ensure the continuity of digital information from engineering, software development, production and even after-sales and to increase productivity:

  • Engineering Performance Packages: Synchronization of 3D models from CAD (Computer Aided Design) and PDM/PLM (Product Data/Lifecycle Management) integration. Synchronization of program text and GUI elements with software engineering platforms.
  • Maintenance & Repair Performance Packages: Support flat rate management, productivity-enhancing registries for tools and consumables and on-demand generation of dynamic maintenance plans.
  • Diagnostics Performance Package: Supports adaptive diagnostics and situational troubleshooting and takes into account feedback data from the field.
  • Parts Catalog Performance Package: Provides spare parts management, spare parts catalog and ordering functions.