MindReader for Outlook

E-mail assistance

MindReader for Outlook

E-mail assistance
MindReader for OutlookMindReader for Outlook
MindReader for Outlook

Write e-mails as quickly as you speak

E-mail communication is an important part of daily business for management personnel and employees at all levels of the company. Forecasts predict that the volume of business e-mails sent daily will continue to increase significantly over the coming years.

MindReader is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that supports your writing process with text suggestions from previously sent e-mails. Using this, you can write e-mails more quickly and more consistently―for communication in the fast lane.

MindReader for Outlook explained in brief

Benefits at a glance

  • Less time spent on writing e-mails thanks to automatic text suggestions
  • Higher-quality communication thanks to consistent and established phrasing
  • Efficiently search for similar existing content
  • Self-learning suggestion base with no maintenance required
  • Can be used immediately with no change to working procedures in Outlook
  • Worldwide support organization (first-, second- and third-level)