MindReader for Outlook – E-mail Assistance

E-mail as a time factor

E-Mail communication is an important part of daily business for management personnel and employees at all levels of the company, and it is continuing to become more important: Forecasts predict that the number of business e-mails sent daily will increase by 28% by 2018.

The part of writing e-mails that consumes the most time is searching for the right phrasing: The question is not usually “what” to write, but rather “how” to write it. Most e-mails contain topics and content that you have already written in exactly the same way or very similarly. When you can quickly and easily reuse what is already available, you avoid having to reinvent the wheel (phrasing) on a daily basis.

MindReader is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that supports your writing process with text suggestions from previously sent e-mails. Using this, you can write e-mails more quickly and more consistently―for communication in the fast lane.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Less time spent on e-mails thanks to automatic text suggestions
  • Higher-quality communication thanks to consistent and established phrasing
  • Quick and easy implementation without adjustment periods or training
  • No time spent on maintenance thanks to the self-learning suggestion system

Make time for what is important

Users report that they are able to write their e-mails 15–30% faster immediately after installation and finally “write as quickly as they speak.”
With this increase in efficiency, you gain the time and freedom to occupy yourself with the important questions beyond your daily routine.

Get started effortlessly

MindReader for Outlook installs quickly and is simple to use. You can get started immediately without any adjustment period or training. You can even maintain your current working method in Outlook.
MindReader for Outlook “learns” your phrasing automatically from your e-mails. You do not have to enter, organize, or maintain standard phrases or blocks of text.

Brevity and consistency

With MindReader for Outlook, you are not only able to write your e-mails quickly, but also accurately: When you reuse established and approved phrases, your communication become consistent. Furthermore, you no longer have to think about the same sentences and text passages time and time again.