STAR CPM – Corporate Process Management

Lead processes down the right path

Standardized industry processes are key to the long-term economic success of a company. The processes include handling data and content for which costs can be significantly reduced and quality can be increased through systematic use of system solutions.

Excellent performance is ensured by clearly defined scopes of tasks and responsibilities as well as by time-tested, secured, and controlled processes and detailed, traceable reporting. Thus, you use the full potential of your employees, resources, and methods.

Clarity as a motivator

Corporate process management allows you to create the ideal conditions in which to process your business's data content more quickly and in a more controlled manner. The systematic data-process support involves participants only within the scope of their tasks and prepares the respective work packages in the ideal manner.
Useful “side effect”: Thanks to clear process communication and automated processes, team members are informed in advance that the system will take responsibility for routine tasks. Heightened transparency and predictability improve motivation and provide higher-quality results that are available sooner.

The control center for your processes

The dashboard on the CPM platform gives you an overview of all relevant information and complete control of all process steps at all times. You build a network for shared teamwork and can selectively involve all relevant participants in many different kinds of divisions of labor.
Thanks to continuous workflows, heightened integration of individual modules, and complete data transparency, you have the information- and data processes for your department under control.

For example, industrial enterprises

  • For managing research and development processes
  • For supervised product-specific approval procedures
  • For sustainable archiving management
  • For efficient guarantee and warranty management

For example, banks and insurance

  • For verifiable validation of financial products and services
  • For secure claim-assessment and validation processes
  • For comprehensive maintenance of client portfolios

For example, public authorities and agencies

  • For controlled maintenance of property records and criminal records
  • For transparency in approval procedures
  • For an efficient dunning process
  • For traceable revision management

For example, healthcare and pharmaceuticals

  • For shorter approval procedures
  • For controlled clinical studies before and after approval
  • For supporting field actions and recalls
  • For controlled interaction processes between patients and healthcare resources