STAR MT – Corporate Machine Translation

Additional resource for established processes

Machine translation (MT) has become an important part of professional translation and localization in recent years.

Why? For one, the demand for translation is growing so fast – with global markets, international project teams, worldwide support, multilingual communication channels, to name just a few – that human translation alone can no longer keep up. Secondly, for internal documents, a rough translation is often sufficient to assess the general meaning of foreign-language content, and this is often needed right away.

STAR MT puts an additional translation resource at your fingertips, with your own systems and protection from non-transparent online providers.

Your style, your wording, your translation

Your company’s communication style and terminology should remain consistent, even in translation. That’s why STAR MT is trained exclusively using text, translations and terminology from within your company. With STAR MT, you never have to fear that your information will end up in a generic translation engine, where it may be accessible to your competitors.

STAR MT Translate – immediately usable

STAR MT Translate is a browser solution for machine translation in real time. Not just your in-house language experts but all authorized employees will benefit from your proprietary machine translation system – formulated specifically for your industry, in your own style and with your own specialized terminology.

Technologically flexible: Neural and statistical MT

Neural MT (NMT) and statistical MT (SMT) play to their individual strengths in different scenarios. STAR MT therefore supports both of these technologies and can achieve the best results for each area of application, text type and language combination.

Our experience pays off for you

To ensure your MT engines are optimally trained for your translations, we make the most out of your data.

With STAR MT, you’ll benefit from our 30 years of experience in intelligent language processes: extracting text from any file format (DTP, HTML, XML, MS Office, resource files, etc.) and leveraging terminology, including for machine translation, is routine business for STAR.

Benefits for businesses

  • Increased presence in target markets through additional translations
  • Shorter deadlines through faster turnaround for translation jobs
  • Affordable translation of short-lived text
  • Understand foreign-language content immediately with rough translation (gisting)
  • Maintain your own style and wording in all relevant languages
  • Benefit from the linguistic competence of your language experts worldwide

Benefits for staff

  • Better translation with the right phrasing, wording and technical terms used by your company
  • Targeted translation through selection of company-specific subject matters
  • Quick rough translation of selected text or entire documents with the STAR MT Translate browser solution
  • No threat from data miners: your text will only be used for your own translations

Your benefits as a translator

  • Additional resource for professional translators and post-editors in all formats
  • Higher translation capacity through more efficient processes
  • Common tools and processes for human translation and machine translation
  • Efficient post-editing through established QA functions in Transit
  • Clever combination of machine translation and translation memory
  • Validate rather than repair: TM-validated MT proposals

Benefits for IT managers

  • Protects corporate information through exclusive use in your own MT engine with no cloud
  • Flexible sizing through modular structure, unlimited integration levels and custom technical implementation as an in-house solution or hosting
  • Simple implementation through seamless integration into existing processes
  • Easy integration into existing authentication and authorization mechanisms using single sign-on
  • Supports all relevant formats (Office, DTP, HTML, XML, SGML, localization)