STAR CLM – Corporate Language Management

Manage language processes throughout the company

Language services and translation departments are under increasing pressure in terms of time and money. Demands for transparency and process security simultaneously increase – even for very small translations.

STAR CLM reduces your administrative duties and integrates all participants through defined processes. It leaves nothing to chance. Personnel only have to take action when their know-how and experience are needed. They are relieved from the burden of tedious, routine tasks and can focus on their core duties once again.

Work in a network using CLM Portals

Company-wide language-process management links a multitude of participants who can quickly complete language projects over a network independently of their location. For global corporate language management, all participants must be able to quickly and easily access “their” area of the networked system, no matter where they are.
The browser-based CLM Portal gives each user group the access they need, so they can efficiently complete their duties:

  • For clients: You can place your translation orders in the Customer Portal and maintain an overview of ongoing and completed projects.
  • For project managers: You can use the Project Management Portal to manage master data, to supervise projects, and to take action in case your intervention is necessary.
  • For suppliers: Internal and external suppliers receive their work packages and all other necessary information in the Supplier Portal.

Keep capacities, budgets, and archiving under control

Flexible and configurable standard modules support capacity planning, budgeting, and archiving.

  • Capacities under control: The capacity-management module KMAT analyzes your suppliers’ performance profiles, workloads, and deadlines. This allows you to optimize your resources.
  • Budgets under control: The order database (ADB) enables reliable budget planning with complete cost control. It supports detailed reporting and complex, customer-specific analyses.
  • Archiving under control: The DDHM module automatically archives documents and enables web-based retrieval with full-text searches using metadata and user data.

Simple integration into your IT landscape

Corporate language management is not alone in the IT landscape. Rather, it must fit into the company-specific environment.
You can easily integrate STAR CLM into your company-specific IT landscape thanks to flexible interfaces, increased configurability, and an API.

  • Direct exchange of translation data, metadata, and order data through content management systems (CMS) or accounting systems (e.g., SAP) using automated interfaces or “hot folders.”
  • Support for your authentication and authorization mechanisms (e.g., Active Directory, LDAP, Windows Authentication, SAP tickets) with extremely flexible SSO role mapping.
  • Direct integration into third-party systems using an application programming interface (API).

Time-tested language technology as the driving force

High performance every step of the way is necessary to yield the best results for the project as a whole and to increase productivity. This means: Every language specialist must be supported with the ideal working environment for his task:

  • Translation Memory Engines – Transit NXT for translation, localization, pretranslation, and quality assurance for all types of projects and formats
  • Integrated terminology management – TermStar NXT including standardized terminology validation.
  • STAR WebCheck online reviewing for text validation and approval in real time
  • Authoring support and online terminology – MindReader and WebTerm for consistent corporate wording in every language
  • Integrated best-in-class machine translation engines – optimized for dedicated project types

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduced time expenditures by taking over routine tasks
  • Easy integration of process participants using web portals
  • Security through the ideal balance of standardization and flexibility
  • Comprehensive integration into any IT landscape
  • Future-proof investment thanks to standardized concepts and open architecture

Standardized flexibility: Modules and services

STAR CLM offers the reliability of a standard solution with maximum flexibility: Time-tested and configurable standard modules and standard services can be complemented by customer-specific add-ons.
With the CLM platform, you can handle any scenario starting today and stand ready for tomorrow's demands.

Workflow without compromise

Customer-specific workflows link and control the STAR CLM modules and services.
STAR CLM supports the concurrent operation of any number of workflows: The best process for every project type.