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The Delta Principle in technical writing

Topics tend to repeat during technical writing, having already been described in the same way or very similarly. Unless you want to reinvent the wheel on a daily basis, you must search for previous documents that have similar wording, which can then be reused. This works well with small amounts of documentation and a very good memory; however, it loses efficiency very quickly: Searching takes time, distracts you from the content, and leads to an undesirable range of options.

MindReader takes over these tedious tasks for the editors and expands their memory with substantial volumes of text. MindReader helps the editor select the best text suggestion, supports the use of correct terminology, and makes sources available that were previously hidden.

The editor can concentrate on the content that is actually new—this is what we call the Delta Principle. It lays the foundation for efficient and accurate translation: Consistent texts considerably reduce cost and time expenditures, while correct terminology ensures high-quality in the target language.

Free up some time

During your editorial work, MindReader does the searching instead of you. It does so automatically while you write or based on key words that you supply.
Thus, you can concentrate on what is important; you can occupy yourself with the new content and free up time for your actual work.

Find the best option instead of searching for just anything

MindReader suggests text from reference material that you have selected for the current project.
MindReader helps you to choose the best suggestion: At any time, you can show the original context, find out about the source of the suggestion, and see how frequently it has been used in the past.

Easy access with a well-populated memory

When you begin using MindReader, you can access a well-populated memory: You can use files in all current DTP-, Office-, text-, and standard file formats. You can also use translation memories from Transit as well as receive memory packages from your translation department or language service provider. You are even able to use data from third party systems.
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The right word in the right place

When you purchase MindReader, you receive a full, integrated version of TermStar, the terminology management system developed by STAR Group. Using this, you can find the right word in the right place and avoid the use of disallowed terms. Your documents will use consistent language and form part of the corporate wording.

Your benefits at a glance

  • A more efficient editing process using text suggestions in context
  • Higher quality through consistent and established phrasing
  • Reduced translation costs thanks to higher amounts of pretranslation

For Office users

Whether you are using Word to write a bulletin, an internal document, or an instruction manual: You can use MindReader to access established phrasing from your document databases, which allows you to finish your current document faster.

For technical writers

As a technical writer, you know how important consistency is for reading comprehension, translation, and reuse of your texts.
MindReader supports you directly in your authoring environment by creating consistent documents with validated texts and company-specific terminology.

For quality assurance

MindReader is not limited to helping create new documents, but it is also useful for existing documents: Through the interactive search function and terminology check, you can optimize existing data, find phrase variants, and correct terminology errors.