Transit SP 9: Enhanced range of functions for project managers and translators

The STAR Group has now released Service Pack 9 for the translation memory system Transit NXT, with over 80 new functions and improvements to existing features. This new release is available free of charge.

A key highlight when it comes to quality assurance is the new variant check for the source and target language, which analyzes the consistency of source documents and translations. This means that translation variants can be easily and specifically corrected. Authors and customers can also benefit from this by using a source variant report to achieve sustained improvements in the consistency of their source documents.

In addition to processing XLIFF and SDLPPX packages, Transit can now also process project packages from memoQ. This means that users can make use of the tried-and-tested functions in the Transit Editor to translate and carry out quality assurance checks on memoQ jobs as well.

The intelligent combination of fuzzy matches from the TM and machine-translation suggestions has been further developed: In TM-validated MT suggestions, translators and post-editors can see at a glance what needs to be done, and can therefore benefit from the efficiency of an MT system without forgoing the quality of the validated reference material.

Transit Service Pack 9 is rounded off by supporting additional file versions (including those for Office, InDesign, FrameMaker and AutoCAD) and offering further working languages (including Pashto, Dari and Breton) – and many of the requests put in by users in the Transit User Groups have been granted as well.

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