Transit Service Pack 8: New possibilities for project managers and translators

With the new Service Pack 8, the STAR Group has significantly expanded the functionality of the Transit NXT translation memory software at no additional cost to the user.

The focus of this release is on segment-level revision management for multistage translation and review processes. It lets users filter by revision, compare different versions of a project and export project-specific revision reports.

Projects from other TM systems are also supported through additional third-party formats. By pretranslating projects using your own translation memory, you can further increase the speed and efficiency of the translation process.

The machine translation feature has also been expanded with additional machine translation systems (such as Microsoft Translator, MyMemory and AsiaOnline).

With the new WebVTT format, STAR is underscoring the growing importance of subtitle localization with segment-precise playback of audiovisual context.

Prior to the Service Pack, new plug-ins for InDesign and FrameMaker have been released. With the latest plug-ins, Transit NXT also supports InDesign CS2 to CC 2014 and FrameMaker 7 to 12 with synchronized document viewing in the integrated PDF Viewer.

The package includes additional improvements to quality assurance, project sharing, segment filtering and the TermStar NXT integrated terminology management system.