STAR MT and STAR Transit: Machine translation validation rather than repair

At the 56th annual conference of the American Translators Association (ATA) as well as the Tekom Annual Conference, STAR Group presented its latest development for machine translation. STAR MT benefits from 30 years of experience in intelligent language processing, data handling and format handling.

The Transit NXT translation editor in particular attracted a great deal of attention with the clever combination of fuzzy matches from the translation memory (TM) and suggestions from the machine translation (MT). According to the motto “Validation rather than repair,” Transit NXT validates MT suggestions with TM material, rather than repairing missing sections of fuzzy matches using MT. Translators and post-editors can see at a glance what needs to be done and benefit from the quality of validated reference material combined with the efficiency of a MT system.

It was noticeable at the STAR booths that both professional translators as well as documentation managers are enthusiastic about STAR MT: Using Transit NXT, the translator and reviewer can benefit from familiar functions, their experience, and their linguistic expertise to perform MT projects efficiently without having to face obstacles.

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