STAR Campus: Putting experience into practice

In the STAR Campus, we use live webinars to show you how STAR technology can help you with your work.

Free webinars – GRIPS

Providing Personalized Content Experiences


  • 15th September: Webinar in English, duration is approx. 60 minutes

The webinar will take place online and is free of charge although the number of participants is limited. You can simply register here.

Free webinars – Transit & TermStar

July: "Fishing permit for the Babel fish". What can machine translation do for me?

In this webinar, you will learn how you can benefit from using machine translation and how you retain linguistic "sovereignty" over your translations.

August: "Software for anywhere". How can I use Transit to localize software?

This webinar explains how you can use Transit to localize your products and which special function provides you with assistance in doing so.

September: "Because you know what you're doing". How does context help me when I'm translating?

This webinar explains which context information is offered by Transit and how you can use this information. More »

October: "Reading instead of listening – across the world". How can I translate subtitles well, ensuring that they are correct?

This webinar points out the peculiarities of translating subtitle projects and explains how Transit can support you in this translation.
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November: "Get on board and let's get going". How can I easily switch to Transit?

This webinar explains how you can extract translation memories from existing translations, as well as how you can carry out projects that do not originate in Transit.
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December: "Make a wish!". What do you want for Christmas?

Now it is your turn: Have you missed a webinar and want us to add an extra date? Has a webinar topic caught your attention and you want to find out more? Are you itching to find out more about a topic that you previously missed? Send us your webinar requests by the end of October and, in December, we will cover the most requested topic again.
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