WebTerm 7: Simple access to terminology on all end devices

The STAR Group has launched the latest version of its long-established terminology management system WebTerm. The completely redesigned user interface offers simple and mobile access to terminology on all end devices, from a desktop PC and tablet through to a smartphone.

Standard interfaces mean that it can be integrated into customer-specific apps for Android and iOS. In addition, WebTerm 7 can be integrated into the SharePoint search. This means that dictionaries are equal sources for company-wide searches, and a detailed dictionary entry is only a mouse-click away.

For professional terminology work, additional options have been added to the tried-and-tested WebTerm functions: One such new feature is the option to compare revisions to individual data records, making every change both transparent and reversible. Another example is that each language entry can be linked to other applications as a “direct call”. This means that you can quickly and clearly link to a relevant dictionary entry from Word documents, e-mails, websites or blogs.

The latest version, WebTerm 7, is complemented by many other new functions and details.

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About WebTerm

With WebTerm, STAR is offering a system for all requirements when it comes to creating, maintaining, distributing and managing terminology. Organizations can use WebTerm to provide up-to-date terminology to authorized people – accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world. The Enterprise product version allows language experts to create new terminology locally and to edit existing terminology.