Transit Service Pack 10: DeepL integration and SDL WorldServer projects

With immediate effect, Service Pack 10 of the Transit NXT translation memory system from the STAR Group supports DeepL Pro as an additional MT service: The MT suggestions are interactively requested directly in the Transit editor and are immediately displayed there. This means that the translator always decides which segments and content they entrust to the external MT provider. Another new feature is the support for SDL WorldServer projects, which the Transit user can now translate by using the tried-and-tested functions of the Transit editor.

As an additional optional file version, Transit now also supports AutoCAD 2018. Thanks to the format-neutral editor and translation memory, users can consistently update the translations of modified CAD drawings without needing any CAD expertise. The latest InDesign version CC 2018 – with automatically synchronized PDF display – is also supported as an optional file format.

In Transit Professional, the quality report is now standard in the HTML or Excel format. This report documents the results of checks, translation variants, segment revisions and segment comments, making it a valuable component and documentation of quality assurance.

TermStar offers new search options for terminology work: Monolingual reference material (e.g. from the MindReader authoring memory system) is used to generate application examples in real time, which saves on the time spent maintaining and updating context examples in the dictionary.

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