STAR Transit's MT Integration impressed the EAMT

Following a successful tekom spring conference, STAR Group was able to impress at this year's Annual Conference of the EAMT once again. At the conference of the European Association for Machine Translation, leading experts and scientists met to discuss the current status and new trends in machine translation (MT). A major topic was the interaction between the MT and translation memory (TM), which are considered less and less to be competing technologies, and instead seen as parallel alternatives for smooth transition.

Therefore, the translation editor Transit NXT generated a great deal of interest: It displays fuzzy matches from the TM and translation proposals from parallel MT and combines them – when appropriate – into a TM-validated MT hit. As a result, the translator sees at a glance "what's going on" and then simply selects the best proposal of the two technologies. From a translation perspective, the quality of fuzzy matches from a validated reference material are combined with the efficiency of a MT system, without having to switch to additional tools and processes. STAR also announced that there will be additional synergies in the next Transit NXT service pack.