Announcing MindReader for Outlook: Communicate faster through text reuse

The STAR Group has officially announced the release of its new product MindReader for Outlook. This add-in for Microsoft Outlook makes your communication more efficient by suggesting text from sent e-mails. You can compose your e-mails more quickly, more accurately, and more consistently. Stop spending time deciding how to communicate your message, and concentrate on the content of the message instead. This heightened efficiency provides you with extra time to deal with important work, freeing you from the minutia of your daily routine.

The suggested text is displayed without interrupting your writing process. You can easily accept suggested text with a click of the mouse or using a hot key, context menu, or tool bar, depending on your preferences and working habits.

MindReader for Outlook was designed to be easy to install and intuitive to use; you can start using it immediately with minimal effort, and you can maintain your current working habits. MindReader for Outlook automatically "learns" from sent e-mails; you do not need to enter, organize, or manage any standard phrases or blocks of text - MindReader will do this for you.

MindReader for Outlook supports Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013 and is available as a single-user license or site license. Purchase the single-user license at the STAR Group webshop.

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