Graphical Dashboard for GRIPS

GRIPS (Global Realtime Information Processing Solution) covers the entire information lifecycle from creation to publishing. Through its semantic structures it ensures that corporate know-how is utilized in a sustainable and flexible way.

The new GRIPS Dashboard provides a quick overview of the status including quality metrics for the current projects. GRIPS graphically presents critical performance indicators on information creation and usage such as origin of the information, status of information units, re-use levels, and quality assurance results. Additional information can be displayed, filtered, grouped and sorted by specific parameters such as creator or information type for further analysis.

The responsible person for the project can see at a glance the relevant information and can spot opportunities for improvement at any level of detail – from total project level down to individual information units. As an additional feature information units can be opened from the dashboard in the GRIPS Editor to directly check and optimize the content.

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