Information as Innovation

Connecting your Visions, Technologies and Customers

The strategic focus of successful companies is based on

  • clear visions
  • innovative technologies
  • satisfied customers

Information plays a key role in the optimal interplay between these three components: it is increasingly becoming part of the product or products themselves. Those who want to stay ahead of the game in the future must treat information and language processes as integral and synchronized components of the product development process.

The optimal cross-linking of your information and processes will become a long-term success factor for your company.

More long-term value added...

The solutions and services from the STAR Group serve as the impetus for intelligently linking your visions, technologies and customers.

Our customized solutions also help you generate more value on the market from your innovations. We focus on future-oriented information concepts and processes that work independently of existing organizational structures.

...with pioneering concepts

  • Multilingual and multidisciplinary product life cycle management, including feedback processes
  • Global corporate language management in sync with product development
  • Practice-based support through long-term change management
  • Enterprise-wide self-learning knowledge platform with information distribution in real time
  • Optimal human-machine communication
  • Industry-specific, language-independent semantics

A committed partner...

STAR is a reliable partner for your global information management needs (sales and after sales documentation, market-driven translation/localization, automatic multi-channel publishing and feedback processes).

STAR is an organically grown and privately owned Swiss company. With 51 offices and a globally connected team of over 900 in-house experts, it has a presence in more than 30 countries. successful customers

Our customers are successful companies with which we have developed long-term business partnerships over many years.
The STAR Group guarantees highly flexible standard solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your specific industry and company.